The BlackGirlFinMagic© podcast is highlighting women of color in the financial space and sharing their stories, projects, and life lessons. The goal of the podcast is to feature women at different stages in their career/business and be able to inspire other women in the industry.

about our audience

Our listeners will include personal finance bloggers, finance coaches/consultants, and anyone in the personal finance, business finance, and financial services.

➡ Some are struggling to get started in their journey in the financial industry. Whether it be starting a personal finance blog, becoming a financial adviser, or starting their own financial education nonprofit

➡ Women of color who feel alone in their city and/or company and are looking for others who are doing the same things they are.

➡ Looking to see themselves reflected in the world and be inspired by women like them to create real change.


  1. Do I get paid?

    No. As a guest on our podcast you tell your story and share your expertise. The podcast will be listened to around the world.

  2. Can I promote my product/services on the episode?

    No. However, we will share your social media handles and website in our show notes and invite listeners to follow you at the end of the episode.

  3. Would I make a good guest on your show?

    If you are a woman of color (this includes Hispanics, LatinX, and Asian women) in the personal finance, business finance, and financial services industries, this would be perfect for you. It does not matter if you are a newbie to the industry or been around for a while. We want to feature you all.

  4. How long are episodes and when do they air?

    Episodes will range any where from 30-60 minutes long. They will air weekly and you will get a schedule as to when your episode will air.

  5. Am i required to market the podcast?

    No you are not, but it would be in your favor to promote your episode and establish your expertise.


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