Tips We Can Learn from Santa Claus Before We Start Our Holiday Shopping!

By Brandy Baxter

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Have you heard the song, Santa Claus is Coming to Town?  Of course you have!  That song has been recorded over two hundred times by various artists.   From The Jackson 5 to Justin Bieber, everyone wants a piece of that song.  Anyone who records that song tries to add a little twist to make it unique. Usually, they change the tempo or rhythm, but not the lyrics.  So, what makes this song so valuable?

Did you notice the warning: “You better watch out.” 

Wait, what??  Santa is going to bring the “bizness” when he comes to town.  Read on with caution… you have been warned.


Tip #1 – “He’s making a list.”

When was the last time you made a Christmas list? We start off with a few names, and then everyone we know ends up on the list by December 24.  Santa is teaching us to make the list before December 24.  Then you’ll see how long it really is and make adjustments… hopefully.  In case you’re having a hard time taking names off the list, let’s visit the next tip.


Tip #2 – “He’s checking it twice.”

I encourage you to write a physical list of everyone you want to buy gifts for this holiday season.  Then next to their names, write a dollar amount that is equivalent to the type of gift you want to buy for that person.  Add up all the dollar amounts.  That’s the bare minimum you can expect to spend on Christmas because most people overspend.  Go ahead, take a moment, start writing out your list and see what number you come up with.  Can you afford it?


Tip # 3 – “He’s gonna find out who’s naughty or nice.”

This shows us that everyone does not have to stay on our list!  Someone reading this needs permission to take names off their list.  I’m giving you permission to take those names off right now… go ahead; put a line through all those extra names.  Did you know in 2016, the average American spent over $900 on Christmas gifts?  What that means is if you have 90 names on your list, you can only buy $10 gifts for everyone.  Yet, if you have 10 names on your list everyone can get a $90 gift.  I want to be on the short list, don’t you?

The next part of the song gets a little weird for me.  I don’t want Santa knowing my sleeping habits, I’m a writer; I rarely sleep. 


Tip #4 – “He knows if you’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake.”

Christmas should be about family, friends and meaningful relationships.  Not about “guilt gifts” and high credit card bills.  Pare down your list until it includes only those relationships that add value to your life, those who bring goodness for goodness sake!  Everyone else can get a Christmas card you made online!

For more tips that I learned from Santa, look for my December post about “How to Avoid the Holiday Hangover.”

Brandy Baxter

Brandy Baxter, AFC® is the Owner of Living Abundantly. An Air Force veteran, mom of two daughters, and happily married to her husband (USAF Retired). Brandy’s passion for personal finance began when she received her first past due notice on a credit card. She had a part-time job with full-time credit!

Years later, she and her husband eliminated over $75K in debt. Now she teaches others how to live abundantly!


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