LaTisha Styles - Marketing for Introverts: How to Leverage Your Unique Personality to Book Clients.

In today's episode we have, Latisha Styles. A former personal finance blogger, she shares her journey from college to a thriving coaching company, You've Got Clients. Not only does she share her journey but also discusses how to use your unique personality to book clients. Tune in to learn how you can get clients without networking all the time by using a targeted strategy and your personal strengths.

LaTisha “Tish” Styles is a speaker and marketing consultant for influencers and coaches looking to get coaching clients online. She is the founder of You’ve Got Clients™ and President of Financial Success Media, LLC. Through her signature training programs, LaTisha helps service based entrepreneurs build an online presence that serves one clear purpose, helping them gain more clients. Her work has been featured in notable publications including Forbes, Fast Company, and Business Insider.

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